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Help your audience start their business in the U.S and make a $100 doing it for every referral you send our way, to split however you want.

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5

Join Our Affiliate Partner Program

Help your audience start their business in the U.S and make a $100 doing it for every affiliate you send our way, to split however you want.

Excellent 4.7 Out of 5

Why Partner With fileyourfile?

We provide all the tools international founders need to start their companies in the U.S, so help your audiance start their journey and make the industry's highest commission while you're doing it.

Custom Offers

Custom packages with everything your audience needs to start, run and grow their business... for the best price.

Monthly payouts

Get paid monthly for all the referrals you bring, and do so without any delays and directly to your bank account.

Biggest Commission Possible

Over double what other providers are offering, a full $100 for every founder you send is our way of saying thank you.

Sky is the limit

Become an affiliate partner and make an average of over $3,000/mo.. or more, why not? The sky is the limit.

Empower your audience

Join our affiliate partner program and help your audience take the first step to starting their business, the right way.

Dynamic Commissions

Tailor your commission as you see best, earn a $100 commission, offer it to your referrals as discount, or split it 50/50.

Dynamic Structure to Customize your Commissions However you want

$100 Commission

Empower your audience by giving them a push to the right direction and make a $100 with each referral.

Dynamic Commisions

Split the $100 commission with your referrals by giving part of it as discount and taking the rest as commission.

$100 Discount

Give your audience a very generous discount of a $100 and help them take first step to starting their U.S business.

Simple & Easy

Three-step process to help & monetize your audience

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Create compaigns, customize your commissions and discounts, and accurately track your performance and conversions with your dashboard.

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Earn a $100 every time a member of your audience uses your link to start their U.S business with us, and receive monthly payouts in USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm a good fit for the affiliate partner progam?

If you're an influencer, mentor, content creators or simply have access to an audience that can stand to benefit from our services then you're probably a good fit and signing up to our referral partner program would be a great way to both help and monetize your audience.

How can I contact you if I have specific partnership queries?

You can either reach us via the chat button in the bottom right of the screen, email us at, or even schedule a call if you'd like.

How much can I earn as an affiliate partner?

Our referral partners make an average of over $3,000, sky is the limit, for every referral you bring you receive a $100 commission with monthly payouts to your account.

Do either I or my referrals need to reside in the U.S?
Not at all, our services are available for founders in almost every country in the world, neither you nor your audience would need to be in the U.S to benefit from our services.
How can you help convert the traffic I'm sending you?

Expert customer and sales teams, great prices, custom landing pages, and even custom packages with tools specific to your audience base.

P.S: If you have any ideas about tools or platforms that can help your audience, you can let us know and we'll setup partnerships with them to provide a better service to your audience.